British comedy superstar, Noel Fielding, announced the North American tour of his critically-acclaimed new show, An Evening With Noel Fielding, running March 11 through April 9, 2016. The tour marked the first U.S. solo performances from the star of the hit British TV show, The Mighty Boosh.

An Evening With Noel Fielding, a surreal mix of stand-up, live animation, music and some of Fielding’s best known TV characters including The Moon and Fantasy Man.  A comedian, actor, artist and musician, Fielding’s surrealist comedy and Rock & Roll style is utterly unique: Monty Python meets David Bowie. His shows are complete art pieces blending all of his influences - stand-up, characters, art and music - in fully-realized productions of his imagination.


The freewheeling, high-comedy spectacular Puppet Up! – Uncensored moved into The Sands Showroom inside The Venetian Las Vegas, debuting as the property’s newest entertainment offering on July 21, 2016.

Created by award-winning director, producer, and writer Brian Henson (“Muppet Christmas Carol”, “Muppet Treasure Island”) and actor, director, and improv expert Patrick Bristow (“Ellen,” “Seinfeld,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”), Puppet Up! – Uncensored promises to deliver a completely unique experience, expertly combining dynamic and spontaneous off-the-cuff comedy and outrageous story lines with the unmatched talent and creativity of Henson puppeteers.


YouTube sensations, Australia's AUNTY DONNA made their US debut, bringing their unique brand of surreal, fast paced alternative sketch to LARGO in Los Angeles for one night only!

Unique, tight, fresh, filthy, but best of all flat out, laugh 'till your face hurts funny.  Hold onto your seats, don't blink!  You won't want to miss a beat.  Expect pure sketch comedy that transports you into the warped world that is AUNTY DONNA - turning ridiculous into sublime.


Award-winning Irish comedian, Dylan Moran, announced the North American tour of his critically-acclaimed show, Off The Hook, running October 14 through November 12.  Receiving rave reviews, Off The Hook, is a hilarious glimpse in to Moran’s unique take on love, politics, misery and the everyday absurdities of life all delivered with poetical panache.  Prior to his return visit to North America, Moran has toured Off The Hook in theaters throughout the UK, Australia and South Africa.

Eddie Izzard FM


Eddie Izzard brought his massive Force Majeure world tour back to the U.S. in July leaving the comedian one State away from achieving his goal of performing his critically-acclaimed show in all 50 of the United States.  Hawaii being the final State Izzard has to visit with the show.  The July leg of the tour included first visits to Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire as well as encore visits to New York City and Washington DC.  In March 2017 Eddie brought Force Majeure world tour to Hawaii, achieving his goal of performing the show in all 50 of the United States.  Izzard first brought Force Majeure to the US with a Spring 2014 tour performing 50 shows in 32 cities in 20 States and the District of Columbia in 64 days.  In 2015 Izzard’s Spring tour visited 25 western cities in 13 States in 43 days and his Fall tour played in 11 cities in 7 States in 21 days.  Izzard also performed the show in Rhode Island and Alaska in 2015.

Eddie Izzard Hawaii Small


The Umbilical Brothers returned to New York City with Speedmouse (re-squeaked), for a four-week run starting February 21, 2017 at Theatre 80.

The Umbilical Brothers are an international comedy phenomenon fusing amazing vocal and physical abilities with a mix of theatre, slapstick and stand-up inside a world where all their rules are broken.  Named as two of Entertainment Weekly's "100 Most Creative People In Entertainment," David Collins and Shane Dundas have performed in 37 countries, including a year-long off-Broadway run of their debut theatre show Thwak!, which garnered them a New York Drama Desk nomination.   Younger fans, parents of younger fans and stoners may know them from their brilliant TV series The Upside Down Show, which they created with Sesame Workshop and won them a daytime Emmy.


Award-winning Australian comedy group, Aunty Donna, announced their first North American theatre tour featuring their hit show, Aunty Donna – New Show, kicked off on May 31, 2017 in Brooklyn and ended June 20 in Los Angeles.

With a unique brand of surreal, fast paced, alternative sketch, Aunty Donna exploded onto the Melbourne comedy scene in 2012 and have produced a new live show each year since.  The Donnas also produce award-winning comedic videos through their YouTube channel reaching over 144,000 subscribers with over 20 million views.


Eddie Izzard brought his memoir, Believe Me, to life. The intimate evenings featured Izzard performing stand-up, sharing personal photos, discussing his personal and professional life, reading from Believe Me, and concluded with a Q&A with the audience

Izzard’s first book, Believe Me, details his childhood, his first performances on the streets of London, his ascent to worldwide success on stage and screen, and his comedy shows, which have won over audiences around the world.

Eddie Izzard: Believe Me Tour, ran from October 2 - 20, 2017 and February 7 through March 3, 2018.

Izzard’s first book, Believe Me, was chosen by Bill Gates as one of the “5 Amazing Books I Read This Year” Released on June 13, 2017, Believe Me is a New York Times Best Seller.  Writen with the same candor and insight evident in his comedy, Eddie reflects on a childhood marked by the loss of his mother, boarding school, and alternative sexuality, as well as a life in comedy, film, politics, running, and philanthropy. Honest and generous, Izzard’s Believe Me is an inspired account of a very singular life thus far.


Award-winning comedian, Dylan Moran, announced the first leg of North American tour dates for his new show, Grumbling Mustard, kicking off September 19 with a five-night run in New York City.  The tour visited theaters in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Moines, St Louis, Austin and New Orleans in the Fall of 2017.  In 2018, Dylan Moran, announced the second leg of North American tour dates touring theatres through the western U.S. in March.  Performing in Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. In June that year, Dylan Moran toured theatres coast to coast in Canada, with performances in Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver.


Australian comedian, Hannah Gadsby, made her New York City debut with her multi-award winning and critically acclaimed show, Nanette, opening Friday, March 9 at SoHo Playhouse and originally running for five weeks only.  Nanette  was extended three times, running off-Broadway at The SoHo Playhouse with the final performance on June 30 following two Los Angeles performances at Largo on June 6 and 7, 2018.

Nanette is a turning point for Gadsby as she embraces her life as “not normal” and moves beyond the restrictions of traditional stand-up to tell her full story.  The result is a show that has earned Gadsby rave reviews and multiple awards across the U.K. and Australia with The Times describing the show as, “A comedy masterclass for the first half-hour and the second half dissolves into dark, pin-drop theatre.”  For Nanette, Gadsby has won The Edinburgh Comedy Award (“the Oscars of live comedy”), The Helpmann Award (Australia’s equivalent to a Tony Award) for Best Comedy Performer, the Barry Award for Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Best Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.


The first leg of the 2018 tour brought Aunty Donna: Big Boys to the western half of North America in February and March.  The second leg of their 2018 North American theater tour kicked off June 13 in Boston and tookthe boys to New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Des Moines, St Paul, Milwaukee, Madison, Calgary and Toronto.


In Fall 2018 Eddie Izzard started creating and testing material for his new show at The Vineyard Theatre in New York.  Eddie worked on his new material in New York and also performing at the Hudson Theatre and Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles.   In this rare opportunity, the audience got to see one of the masters of comedy in an intimate venue and being part of the creative process of making a brand new show.  The work in progress show became Eddie’s Wunderbar which toured the world in 2019.


Award-winning British comedian, Simon Amstell, announced a month-long New York City run of his critically acclaimed new show, What Is This?, running June 1st through June 30th at Theatre 80 in the East Village.

A deeply personal, funny exploration of beauty, intimacy, freedom, sex and love, What Is This? is Simon’s fifth show and received rave reviews on his sold-out U.K. tour.  During his month long New York run, Simon traveled to Toronto to performed What Is This?, on June 25 at The Berkeley Street Downstairs.

HENSON’S PUPPET UP! Uncensored – 2018 & 2019

Puppet Up Uncensored returned to the historic Charlie Chaplin soundstage on the Jim Henson Lot.  Created by award-winning director, producer, Brian Henson,  and  actor, director, and improv expert Patrick Bristow, Puppet Up! –Uncensored promises to deliver a completely unique experience (it's never the same show twice!), and expertly combining dynamic and spontaneous off-the-cuff comedy with the unmatched talent and creativity of Henson puppeteers.

“Back by popular demand, we are giving our loyal Hollywood fans the opportunity to spend an evening on our historic lot while enjoying the hilarious uncensored mayhem. ” said Brian Henson, show creator and Chairman of The Jim Henson Company.


Two-time Emmy nominated South African comedian, Loyiso Gola, announces the off-Broadway run of his show, Loyiso Gola: Unlearning, running April 10 – 21 at SoHo Playhouse in New York City.  Following the off-Broadway run, Loyiso will perform at The Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, April 24 – 27. Having grown up in South Africa, Loyiso is questioning everything he knows about politics, history, race and more.  “Unlearning goes through my personal journey of trying to learn new things and in turn having to unlearn a lot,” says Loyiso. “Turns out unlearning is way more difficult.”  Loyiso Gola is one of South Africa’s most loved comedians who tours the world from Australia to Europe and the UK to the USA.


Award Winning Fashion Icon/Designer, Storyteller, Author, Singer & Talk Show Host Isaac Mizrahi's New Show I&Me

I&Me is a collage of Isaac's creative talents -- stories, songs and even a regift segment. This is Mizrahi’s next chapter in his recent life as an entertainer for which the New York Times called him a “founding father of Alt Cabaret.”

I&Me is a fun, casual look at life through his eyes, from growing up gay in a small Jewish community in Brooklyn, to scaling the heights of the fashion world!

 I&Me also features the dazzling sounds of the Ben Waltzer Jazz quartet.


World-renowned physicist, Professor Brian Cox, toured the U.S. and Canadian with his immersive live experience, UNIVERSAL: Adventures In Space And Time, as part of his world tour 2019.  From February through June 2019, Professor Cox’ UNIVERSAL World Tour 2019 played to over 150,000 people as he tours through the U.K., Europe, the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.  The North American tour dates ran from April 24 through May 24, 2019.  

UNIVERSAL: Adventures In Space And Time used ultra-high resolution LED screens to present state of the art graphics and imagery from ground-based telescopes and space probes.  This immersive experience took audiences to the edge of our current understanding about the origin and evolution of our Solar System and the Universe, offering a fascinating insight into the workings of nature at the most fundamental level.

Professor Cox explored the latest missions to the planets, the nature of space and time from the Big Bang to black holes and the origin and fate of life and intelligence in the Universe.  He addressed questions about the value of science, how we acquire scientific knowledge, and why we should trust it.


Eddie Izzard: Wunderbar international tour, opened on May 8 in Nashville with his final U.S. performance on July 13 in Seattle.

“It is getting close to the time when I have to go off for a while to have a political life. But before I do that, I want to keep giving audiences around the world the best stand-up comedy shows that I can – especially at a time of Brexit-hate and Trump-hate. My new show is about everything from humans over the last 100,000 years to talking dogs and animal superheroes. I am looking forward to coming to see everyone again,” stated Eddie.

Five years after his last comedy tour, Force Majeure, made comedy history having played 45 countries including all 50 of the United States AND in four languages, making it the most extensive comedy show ever, Eddie is back to his roots with an all-new show which expands on his own very unique, totally surreal view of life, love, history and his ‘theory of the universe.’

Wunderbar is a delicious insight into the surreal and fantastical world of Eddie Izzard. This is intelligent Bunkum of the highest order.  Wunderbar began life at La Nouvelle Seine, a floating theatre in Paris on the Seine where Eddie began to improvise his new show in French. He then flipped countries and continued developing the show improvising in Berlin in German.



Hannah Gadsby took the comedy world and Netflix by storm with her multi-award winning sensation Nanette. She returned to New York City, where Nanette played a critically acclaimed, sold out run in 2018, with an all new show, DOUGLAS. And while Nanette was a random barista, Douglas is a very specific dog, and the only thing they have in common is they’ve inspired Hannah to put pen to paper and turn out a show you couldn’t possibly expect.


Critically-acclaimed UK-based podcast The Football Ramble announced a debut live tour in the US and Canada. Recently transformed into a stage show, the chart- topping podcast  Football Ramble performed to enthusiastic crowds throughout the UK, Europe and North American.  The show includes lively discussions about English Premier League, World Football (Soccer!) and irreverent commentary on the sporting issues of the day.

The tour Kicked off November 5, 2019, at Gramercy Theatre in New York City, Murmrr Theatre in Brooklyn, NY on November, 6, the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada on November 7, and Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL on November 8.



PUPPET UP! Uncensored – Knotts Scary Farm 2019

Exclusively performing nightly at Knott’s Scary Farm for the 2019 season, Puppet Up! Uncensored, the outrageous, off–the-cuff live show featured a combination of improvisational comedy and the magic of puppetry performed by a cast of world-classcomedian puppeteers from The Jim Henson Company. Created by legendary puppeteer andaward-winning director Brian Henson and directed by Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Seinfeld, Curb YourEnthusiasm, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Puppet Up!-Uncensored is no ordinary puppet show. In true uncensored form, the content is driven by audience suggestions and participation, topped with the zany antics and bawdy shenanigans of the colorful and brazen puppet cast. Puppet Up!–Uncensored performed three times each night at Knott’s Scary Farm.  Intended for mature audiences.