First he was 'Dressed To Kill'; then 'Sexy' for the world to see! Now Eddie Izzard is back on stage in his latest one man show: 'Stripped Too - The Big Intimacy Tour'.

The New York Times calls Eddie Izzard "Miraculous, delirious, catch your breath funny!" and the New York Post says he's "Irreverent, wicked ... a comic genius!"

WBE 11x17 master posterEddie Izzard - Stripped Canadian Tour - 2010

This spring, comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, adored by fans and critics alike for his lightning quick wit and surreal humor, will bring his largest comedy tour of his career, ‘STRIPPED’, to Canada. His first extensive tour of Canada, you don’t miss your chance to see what The New York Times calls, "The most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation.” 

Izzard’s comedy concerts have evolved from cult-followings to cultural events as his last tour, ‘SEXIE’, was seen live by more than 100,000 people as the tour sold-out in 15 cities in a matter of days, including a five night engagement at New York's City Center and six nights at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

BC 11x17 poster v2 (1)BILLY CONNOLLY ­ LIVE! in seattle and chicago - 2010

Uncensored, uncut and unpredictable, internationally-renowned comedian/actor Billy Connolly will expose audiences to his hilarious, oxygen-depriving new show Billy Connolly Live!

Making a rare appearance in Chicago and Seattle, for the first time in over a decade, Connolly is considered “Britain’s greatest living comedian.” Critics have hailed him as “a genius,” “a comic legend,” “brilliantly funny” and “a superstar.” His comedy has been referred to as “priceless, non-stop laughter verging on tears” and “a must see night of comedy – he’s fantastic, charming, rude and above all – hilarious.”

BC_11x17_WBEBilly Connolly - The Man Live Canada Tour - 2010

Unless you were fly fishing in Hudson Bay or stopping by the Arctic Circle for a family trip snapshot, then you haven’t seen Billy Connolly on Canadian soil since his smash hit Too Old To Die Young tour in 2006.   The new tour called The Man Live will be rolling across Canada this November, kicking off the tour with three nights at Toronto’s hallowed Massey Hall.

Billy Connolly is a legendary comedian from Glasgow whose finger is placed firmly on the pulse, at all times. While it is the nature of comedy to insult and offend, there are few who can master the art of the “f-bomb” with such grace and charm. Considering his ability to crush box office records across the globe, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to experience his performance that inevitably evokes gut-wrenching laughter. His incorrigible style and wit has perched him high atop the comedic hierarchy.

LB 24x36 poster copyLEWIS BLACK ­ IN GOD WE RUST - 2010

NY City Center New York

Lewis returns to NY for three nights only at NY City Centre.  In his new show Lewis Black takes on pretentious politicians, sell-out celebrities and all those things and ideas you thought you could trust. Using his acerbic wit and personal wise-cracks, he reminds us as long as we laugh we can still have faith, while In God We Rust.


JL_LaJollaFinalArtwork2010JOHN LEGUIZAMO ­ DIARY OF A MADMAN - 2010

In Leguizamo's trademark live performance style, this piece explodes with energy taking audiences on a non-stop fever-pitch adventure, heating up the stage with vivid accounts of where he's been and the colorful characters who've shaped different facets of his life. From his adolescent memories in Queens, New York, to the early days of his acting career and beyond – with stories of the outrageous 80's avant-garde theater scene and anecdotes from major movie sets and roles opposite some of Hollywood's biggest film stars – John Leguizamo Diary of a Madman is in turns uproarious and heartfelt, laying it bare for those along for the ride.


DM-SF 2010 copyDYLAN MORAN ­ LIVE! - 2010

DYLAN MORAN’S stand up shows have sold out across the world. From New York and LA through Europe and onto Australasia MONSTER I, MONSTER II and LIKE TOTALLY have cemented this unkempt wordsmith’s reputation as one of the foremost comics of his generation. Likened to DAVE ALLEN and labeled ‘The Oscar Wilde of Comedy’ DYLAN is unpredictable, bizarre, elegiac, often cruel but above all painfully funny. MORAN sees through the joys and disappointments of human existence with the sensibility and intense perception of a man teetering on the edge. He chews life up and spits it out stamping it into the pavement as he goes. ‘He’s one of a kind”. The Daily Telegraph

JL poster final 72dpi_Summer 2010JOHN LEGUIZAMO – KLASS KLOWN - 2010

This autobiographically based piece recounted stories and characters from Leguizamo's adolescence in New York to the outrageous theatre scene of the '80s to anecdotes about major movies and roles opposite Hollywood's biggest stars.


Edgier and more fearless than ever, comedian Christopher Titus debuts his brand new one-man show, Neverlution,

After taking on family, Armageddon and, most recently, divorce, Christopher Titus is taking on society's complacence and offers solutions that only he could come up with. Interweaving his personal experiences, Titus calls for a revolution against technology, politics, racism, child worship and the prescription drug companies, a revolution he argues we will never have because we are fat, lazy and scared.  In Neverlution, Christopher Titus promises to fix the world's problems, one hilarious rant at a time.


"British performer Eddie Izzard became not only the first solo comedy act to appear at the Hollywood Bowl, but he also raised the performance bar all the way to where the Bowl ends and the night sky begins.

Embodying myriad human characters and animals as diverse as a speechless giraffe, a journaling giant squid and a squirrel that survived Noah’s ark (“it was a nightmare, man, like ‘Ghost Ship,’ without the gold”), Izzard had no problem filling the Bowl, with his sly wisdom and, more important, cascades of laughter. Though his timing flagged a bit after the intermission, he quickly found his footing and finished to roaring crowds. After one brief encore, he slipped quietly backstage without taking a victory lap. But then again, he didn’t need to" - LA Times

Hailed as one of the foremost stand-ups of his generation, comic genius Eddie Izzard will bring his deliriously, dizzyingly, exhaustively, catch-your-breath funny show to the Bowl.

"L.A. has ridiculous amounts of sunshine — coming from London and from Europe that's completely different. And there's great bits of L.A. that I love to go to. But you have to drive to them. I'm very happy to do stuff in L.A., 'cause I used to be a street performer in London and now to play the Hollywood Bowl, that's great.

"And to play the Hollywood Bowl is like the American dream." - Eddie Izzard


JL GK 11x13.5 300dpi red WBELyceum Theatre

Conceived and performed by Emmy and Obie Award winner John Leguizamo and directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens.

“Ghetto Klown” is the next chapter in John Leguizamo’s popular personal and professional story. It is his fifth one-man play, his third on Broadway, and follows in the uninhibited tradition of his Mambo Mouth, Spic-O-Rama, Freak, and Sexaholix…a Love Story. In Leguizamo’s trademark style, the piece explodes with energy, heating up the stage with vivid accounts of the colorful characters who have populated his life. He takes audiences from his adolescent memories in Queens to the early days of his acting career and on to the sets of major motion pictures and his roles opposite some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Leguizamo explains, “Ghetto Klown” is all the things I say to my therapist and my manager, but would never want the general public to know. It’s cheaper than a lawsuit and I get to take a bow at the end. It’s like Wikileaks but with no international manhunt. Yet.” 

“Ghetto Klown” was showcased in earlier incarnations in cities including Philadelphia, New Haven, Santa Fe, Louisville, La Jolla, Berkeley, Toronto, and at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival

Poster_TealOrangeLOGORIGHT_ALIENHenson Alternative’s STUFFED AND UNSTRUNG in San Francisco & tour the US - 2011

What happens when Henson puppeteers are unleashed? You get a new breed of intelligent nonsense with six talented, hilarious, expert puppeteers improvising songs and sketches based on your suggestions! With a motley group of characters brought to life by the world renowned puppeteers of The Jim Henson Company, this is not your average night of improv and it is definitely not for children. But all others are welcome to enjoy the uninhibited anarchy of live puppet performance as never seen before. 

Shaun Majumder Tour PosterSHAUN MAJUMDER ­ This tour has 22 cities - THE ROAD TO MAJUMDER MANOR - 2011

One of Canada’s favorite comedians, Gemini Award winning Actor / Comedian Majumder is fresh off shooting ABC’s show, Detroit 1-8-7, and hurrying home to jump on stage.  Majumder has risen as one of this nation’s brightest stars with beloved characters like Raj Binder - the uber-sweaty, much cherished in your face interviewer. On stage he delivers his slice of life commentary in a clever, drenched in wit satirical style. 

27x41 WhtAbtDck Thtr Pstr2 copyERIC IDLE¹S WHAT ABOUT DICK!- 2012 The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles

Eric Idle's New Comedy About an Old Problem
Starring: Russell Brand, Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Jim Piddock, Tracey Ullman and Sophie Winkleman

​'With eight new songs from Eric Idle and John Du Prez, the Grammy-award winning duo who brought you SPAMALOT

The performance of What About Dick? was videotaped and is available for digital download from www.whataboutdick.com

Idle calls it a nice hybrid... It’s got elements of a musical – we have songs – and it’s got elements of a play, but it’s not a play that you have to take completely seriously because it’s a sort of send-up. It has bits of stand-up and improv and these hilarious actors playing multiple roles and doing impersonations. I was laughing so hard there were tears running down my cheek.”

Described by Idle as “Oscar Wilde on acid, or like Downton Abbey, only even funnier,” Dick? begins with the birth of a sex toy invented in Shagistan in 1898, tells the story of the decline of the British Empire as seen through the eyes of a Piano, as well as the story of young Dick, his two cousins and their dipsomaniac Aunt Maggie, who all live together in Kensington in a large, rambling, Edwardian novel. There’s Reverend Whoopsie, a private Dick, the incomprehensible Scottish Inspector McGuffin and the case of the Houndsditch Mutilator. What else do you need to know for six bucks?

SIMON AMSTELL - NUMB- 2012 - 2013

SA_11x17_Poster_SEA_4-3[4] copyWith a hit BBC TV series, Grandma's House and his second critically-acclaimed international theater tour, no one is more successful at being awkward than award-winning comedian Simon Amstell. Skewering his insecurities with a sharp wit and hopeful optimism, Amstell confronts the anxieties of modern life that have left him Numb.​

Since April, Simon has been touring Numb through theaters in Australia and the UK to rave reviews and sold-out houses. 

A beautifully articulate storyteller, Simon premiered Numb as an intimate BBC TV special on December 31, 2012. Simon’s five-week run of Numb last summer in New York City played to rave reviews and sold-out houses leading The New York Times to compare him to, “a young Woody Allen.” The NYC run followed a three month tour through theaters in the UK and Australia.

 Simon premiered his first hour-long TV special, Do Nothing, on BBC America in October 2012. Recorded at Vicar Street, Dublin, Do Nothing captures Simon at his intimate, painfully honest best. “Pin point timing... highly literate and charming... an endearing mixture of offhand candour and sharp wit,” raved critics.

“The real deal. Where philosophy collides with anxiety: where Heidegger meets Woody Allen." - The Guardian

"One of the most elegant, articulate, sensitive and endearing proponents of 'Soul Comedy’ that there is.” – The Scotsman

“Simon Amstell is fast and funny in mind and mouth and is very dangerous in a fist fight if his fists are holding very big knives.” – Eddie Izzard


World-renowned mentalist Marc Salem will take you on a captivating and surprising journey through the possibilities of the human mind when he returns to New York with a new show “Marc Salem - Mind Over Manhattan.” Produced by Metropolitan Talent and WestBeth Entertainment, “Mind over Manhattan” will delight audiences of all ages with a series of mesmerizing and mystifying mind games.

Using psychological techniques, a sharp eye for human nature, a quick wit and more than 20 years of studying the human mind, Salem creates an astounding, mystifying and often hilarious show having prompted New York critics to hail his sold-out engagement at Broadway’s Lyceum Theatre.


BC_11x17_SFBilly Connolly - The Man Live in New York and San Francisco - 2012

His tours in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand sold out within hours, and he last played the US six years ago, enjoying a hit New York engagement in 2006. Hailed as the UK’s most influential comedian of all time, voted best comedian of all time by the UK’s Channel 4, and included as one of the Huffington Post’s favorite UK comedians.

“Bladder-challenging tour de force” Evening Standard (London)


"DON'T MISS HIM! Where do hot young comics get their inspiration, they look to legends like Billy Connolly" TimeOut NY


dm_NY_17x24Moran’s perspective is unashamedly unique. He observes life through the tinted hue of a glass of fine full-bodied red wine and then paints what he sees onto a deliciously cruel and rich life canvas. Blisteringly funny, and painfully accurate, this is like looking at a Canaletto painting whilst someone simultaneously punches you in the stomach and tickles you breath-less. Called “the Oscar Wilde of Comedy,” by the London Evening News, Moran is universally considered one of the foremost comics of his generation.

Dark, dry and relentlessly sharp, Yeah, Yeah is Dylan Moran’s critically-acclaimed roller coaster ride of emotion, hilarity, poignancy and joy as he deliberates life, love and disappointment with remarkable observation. Dylan toured Yeah, Yeah to sold-out theaters in the UK and Australia and in September, Dylan toured the show through Switzerland, Holland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Russia, becoming the first professional English-speaking comedian to perform in Russia.

Regarded internationally as the premier comedian of his generation, Dylan Moran is a comedic force on stage and screen. Dylan received a BAFTA Award for his Channel 4 sitcom, Black Books, and starred in the hugely popular films Shaun of the Dead, Run Fatboy Run and Notting Hill

For more on Dylan Moran visit www.DylanMoran.com and follow Dylan on Twitter - @TheDylanMoran

‘He’s biting, sarcastic and side-splittingly hilarious!’ – SF Bay Guardian

‘An Original! He transforms the mundane into madcap!’ - NY Times

TrevorNoah4x6 postcard v4[1] copyTREVOR NOAH - BORN A CRIME- 2013

WestBeth Entertainment presents groundbreaking South African comedian, Trevor Noah, in Born A Crime, a four week run at 45 Bleecker in New York City.

Born a mixed-race child under Apartheid in South Africa, Born A Crime is Trevor Noah’s search for identity in a world obsessed with labels. An eloquent comedic storyteller, Noah challenges the status quo through his unique perspective, breaking down cultural flaws on all sides and finding our mutual connections with laughter.

Trevor Noah is a comedian from South Africa who has achieved international acclaim. Releasing five hour-long stand-up specials he’s sold more DVDs than any other standup on that continent; fans recite his performances verbatim, share his clips globally, and have joined him in legions on Facebook and Twitter. Noah has hosted numerous television shows in South Africa, including the country’s music, television and film awards, the South African Comedy Festival, and two seasons of his own late night talk show. He is also the subject of the award-winning film Township to the Stage which tells the story of his remarkable career in post-apartheid South Africa.

For more on Trevor Noah visit www.TrevorNoah.com where you can find links to his Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages.

Eddie Canada ArtEDDIE IZZARD– FORCE MAJEURE in canada - 2013

After selling out Madison Square Garden and also becoming the first stand-up comedian to play a solo show at the Hollywood Bowl, he has set off on the most extensive comedy tour ever, with Eddie globetrotting from Cardiff to Kathmandu, Moscow to Mumbai and now Halifax to Victoria on his Force Majeure World Tour! Just announced, as part of more than 25 countries throughout Europe, Africa, UK, Australia and New Zealand, India, Nepal, The Far East and The United States, Eddie will kick off the Canadian leg of his Force Majeure tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 10th! Having spent time as a teenager in Canada, Eddie is excited to show his Canadian fans his Force Majeure!

“Inspired! Against a set that is part-Avengers, part-Austin Powers, Izzard proves that he’s still frivolous and fleet of foot – even in Cuban heels.” – Said London’s The Independent of Izzard’s Force Majeure.

Success around the world, both on stage and on screen, Eddie Izzard is never one to rest on his laurels. He keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with his bizarre tangential, absurd, and surreal comic narratives that find him espousing his views on Darth Vader, Greek Mythology, human sacrifice and chaos theory, and that’s just the start!

la-soireeLA SOIREE 2013-2014 - Union Square Theater

La Soirée is the five-star theatrical phenomenon that has won devotees around the world with its lineup of jaw-dropping, singular, sexy and inexplicable acts. La Soirée answers Entertainment Weekly's question, "Are they really going to do that?'' Yes. We are.

Discover the hilarious, decadent and downright dangerous show that EW calls "a mesmerizing hybrid of sideshow, vaudeville & burlesque" and Flavorpill says is "definitely not for kids but oh so much fun for adults."

Experience this unforgettably naughty and hilarious evening of high glamour and low inhibition entertainment before it's too late. Come one, come all and come often to the delicious, deviant and delirious La Soirée.

Had a 6 month run at the Union Square Theatre in NYC. 




Legendary comedian, Billy Connolly, brings his tour, Billy Connolly: The Man Live, to Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle in March.

Hailed as the UK’s most influential comedian of all time, voted best comedian of all time by the UK’s Channel 4, and included as one of the Huffington Post’s favorite UK comedians, Connolly will next be seen in The Hobbit: There and Back Again and What We Did On Our Holiday. He recently voiced the role of King Fergus in Disney Pixar’s hit animated film, Brave, and starred in Quartet directed by Dustin Hoffman.

Billy Connolly is a standup comedian, actor, musician, TV presenter and artist.  Born and raised in Glasgow and after serving his apprenticeship as a welder, he became a professional performer in 1962, forming “The Humblebums” band with Gerry Rafferty, before pursuing a solo career as a comedian. Aside from starring in numerous films and TV series, Billy has toured worldwide continuously for the last 50 years, performing to an audience of over 10,000,000. Billy was awarded a CBE in 2003 and was given the Freedom of the City of Glasgow in 2010.

MAJEUREEDDIE IZZARD– FORCE MAJEURE world tour in america – part 1 - 2014

Eddie Izzard will bring his massive Force Majeure world tour to the U.S., visiting 32 cities through the spring with more dates to be announced later this year.

Force Majeure is the most extensive comedy tour ever; launched in March of 2013, the tour will take Izzard to 25 countries on five continents. From Cardiff to Kathmandu and Moscow to Mumbai, Force Majeure will play throughout Europe, Africa, Russia, the U.K., Canada, the U.S., India, Nepal, The Far East and Australia. Izzard recently completed runs in France performing entirely in French and in Berlin performing entirely in German.

One of the most acclaimed comedians of his generation, Izzard’s unique, tangential, absurd, and surreal comic narratives are lauded for their creativity and wit, earning him a New York Drama Desk Award and two Emmys for Dress to Kill, two British Comedy Awards for Top Stand-Up Comedian, and an Olivier Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement.

 In the U.S., Izzard is the first solo stand-up comedian to perform at the Hollywood Bowl; has sold-out three consecutive nights at Radio City Music Hall and toured arenas throughout the U.S. including a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

Thrilling Adventure HourTHE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR - 2014

Created and written by Hollywood scribes Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a live show performed in the style of an old-time radio broadcast featuring some of the most mind-boggingly talented and respected performers of our time. What makes The Thrilling Adventure Hour so addictive, in part, is that Acker and Blacker have created original serial programs within their show. Performed monthly at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles – and the occasional out-of-town presentations – audience members are graced with episodes of shows like “Beyond Belief” and “The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam” and characters like Sparks Nevada, Croach the Tracker and Frank and Sadie Doyle (played by Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster, photo by Matt Harbicht). But it’s not just the live sold-out shows in Los Angeles; the shows are recorded and presented as The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast through Nerdist Industries, giving the show comedy cred throughout the world.

JL GK 11x13.5 300dpi red WBEGHETTO KLOWN - 2014  Summerstage in Chicago

Emmy Award winner John Leguizamo, who has appeared in more than fifty films and was also seen on Nickelodeon series “The Brothers Garcia,” as well as on “ER” and “Miami Vice,” is also one of the nation’s most accomplished stage performers. “Ghetto Klown” is the next chapter in John Leguizamo’s popular personal and professional story. It is his fifth one-man play, his third on Broadway, and follows in the uninhibited tradition of his “Mambo Mouth,” “Spic-O-Rama,” “Freak,” and “Sexaholix … a Love Story.” In Leguizamo’s trademark style, the piece explodes with energy, heating up the stage with vivid accounts of the colorful characters that populate his life. He takes audiences from his adolescent memories in Queens to the early days of his acting career and on to the sets of major motion pictures. Leguizamo explains, “Ghetto Klown” is all the things I say to my therapist and my manager, but would never want the general public to know. It’s cheaper than a lawsuit and I get to take a bow at the end. It’s like Wiki leaks but with no international manhunt. Yet.”

PuppetUpPosterPosterPuppet Up! - Uncensored November 2014 & March 2015
Marines Memorial in San Francisco & Kirk Douglas Theatre in LA

The grown-ups wing of The Jim Henson Company presents PUPPET UP! - UNCENSORED, the live show that lets loose the perilous and provocative elements of comedy on stage with a bunch of fine-looking puppets. A night of major laughs, not for minors.

A hit in Edinburgh, Toronto, Australia, and all over the US, world-class Henson puppeteers are unleashed in this live, outrageous and very spontaneous show, featuring over 60 original Jim Henson puppets - a motley group of characters - in a night of off the cuff comedy. 
Created by award-winning director, producer, and writer Brian Henson and actor, director, and improvisational guru Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), PUPPET UP! – UNCENSORED invites audiences to witness the other side of The Jim Henson Company and what happens when the camera stops rolling. 
Infinite Monkey Cage
First US Tour
March 2015

Simon Amstell
To Be Free Tour
April 2015

16x12 Simon
eddie izzard
Force Majeure Pt. 2
May - July 2015

Force Majeure Part 2

Billy Connolly
High Horse
Oct. - Nov. 2015

Billy Connolly High Horse Canada Poster