Eddie "commands a classic...A captivating and colorfully calibrated performance."             Charles Isherwood, Wall Street Journal

“A single comedian contains multitudes.” – New York Times

“Eddie Izzard is a pip – and all the other characters too. This is theater as storytelling in its most elemental sense, with Izzard herself as the biggest special effect.” – The Wrap

“Eddie Izzard gives Miss Havisham a fabulous makeover and is delivering one of the must-see performances of the season. It's Izzard's performance that makes this show a holiday gift. Izzard gives a master class in creating ‘special effects’ using nothing but her own body and voice. Only a stage magician can accomplish that kind of illusion. But is this show funny? It sure is. Izzard, known for her stand-up routines and specials, relentlessly teases out the script's humor and gets the audience laughing in the most unexpected places. Just watch her eyes widen with Norma Desmond intensity as she speaks to Pip, and then try to repress your delight. Miss Havisham never looked so good.”  – Theatermania.com

Selina Cadell’s direction is “fine-tuned.” – Theatermania.com

“Extremely engaging. Under Selina Cadell’s savvy direction, Izzard keeps us rapt for two hours. Great Expectations is a very satisfying wintertime treat. – Cititour.com

The adaptation is “smartly streamlined by Mark Izzard.” – Cititour.com

“Eddie Izzard acts the Dickens out of Great Expectations. A whirlwind performance. Izzard is never anything short of captivating in the role. The evening is a pip.” -  Queerty.com

“Prepare to be transfixed.  Izzard shape-shifts in a blink. The trick is that she never relinquishes her own essence.  The real throughline is Izzard’s own unflagging intelligence. She’s got this story by the reins, and we are lucky to travel along.  Izzard’s brother, Mark Izzard, deserves credit for a headlong condensation which encompasses all the crucial details and yet never lags.” – New York Stage Review

“Eddie Izzard delivers a marvel.  A powerful one-woman rendition of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. One could easily make the case that Izzard is delivering the performance of the year, and her career. Audiences would be hard-pressed to find a more effective and engaging achievement on a New York stage. This piece surely solidifies her status as one of the most impressive and important performers working right now.  An exquisite performer.  Izzard’s Great Expectations is great indeed.” – Hollywood Soapbox

“Eddie Izzard serves a tour-de-force Great Expectations. A tour-de-force adaptation of the classic.  Hilarious and riveting. The production is an unqualified triumph. Izzard is a wonderful interpreter of Dickens. I found myself enchanted and enthralled by the story as never before.”  – Stagebuddy.com